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4 Seasons Challenge Bundle

US$8,000.00 US$4,997.00

The 4 season bundle includes all 4 season (spring, summer, fall, and winter) seasonal Challenges.  It will take your body through spring detox, summer digestive, joint and heart healing, fall restoring the detox pathways and weight loss, and the winter hormone reset. Each of the 4 program have all the tools and resources to maximize the body's ability to heal.

This includes

  • The Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Challenge Guidebook (Value $200)
  • 91 Day Brain-Based Seasonal Exercise Program for each season (Value $800)
  • 3 months Access to our 1 of a kind NEXT LEVEL Seasonal Nutrition Site (Value $1200)
  • 12 Week Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Seasonal Academy (Value $1200)
  • Bimonthly (2x/month) Group Coaching calls (Value $1200)
  • 3 months Access to our Private Seasonal Group (Value $200)
  • Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter Supplement Bundle (Value $3200)
    • Total Value $8000

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