Are you ready to get your life back?

A Balanced Nervous System Helps With:

Auto-Immune Disease, Digestive Conditions, Hormone Imbalance, Depression/Anxiety, and so much more…

Do You Have a Game-plan to Get Your Health Back?

At NEXT LEVEL Health Center we believe that vibrant health starts by targeting the core reasons people are not well and coming up with a plan to fix them! We believe in guiding our clients step-by-step exactly how to restore your health and gain back a love for life!

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Our Idaho Falls, Idaho based clinic is the ONLY clinic of its kind. NEXT LEVEL Health Center consistently provides our clients with individualized care and step-by-step guidance through our innovative technique, state of the art testing, and our caring and results driven team.

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Dr. Justin T. Hammon is the Owner and Lead Doctor at NEXT LEVEL Health Center. He studied at Logan University in St. Louis Missouri and moved his family back to Idaho where he and his wife grew up.

Dr. Hammon has treated thousands of clients in the East Idaho area and recently opened his practice up to clients from around the world. Through extensive study and experience he has created the NEXT LEVEL Lifestyle Transformation and has helped clients with conditions varying from auto-immune, digestive, hormone, and chronic illness.

As the areas leading Nervous System Specialist, he focuses on identifying the source of symptoms and treating it without medication or surgery. To read his full story…

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