Dairy Free, Sugar Free "Icecream" (and it tastes good)

Uncategorized Aug 15, 2018

For all of you who can't eat the icecream, we've got a treat for you! Have you ever heard of banana icecream? I don't mean banana flavored icecream, I mean ONE INGREDIENT, tastes as good as the real stuff, cool you down on a hot day icecream!

You can make it out of just ONE ingredient... just one. But if you are anything like me, you'd rather add a little more flavor, pizzazz, to your treats. So, below I'll tell you how to make it with one ingredient, then I'll list the yummy add-ins that I've tried and loved.


Use 2-3 bananas per batch. Let the bananas ripen before peeling. If they’re green or yellow to start with, leave them out until the bananas at least begin to turn brown. Not-overripe bananas will have something of an earthy taste, as opposed to the more sweet flavor they develop as they turn brown.

Once ripe, peel the bananas, cut into pieces, and freeze them.

When the bananas are fully frozen, toss them into a food processor or...

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The Theory of Stress Adaptation

Stress comes in different forms. At NEXT LEVEL we talk about 3 specific kinds of stress and how they affect health. 

1- Mental/Emotional- This is the kind of stress we most often think about. These are the day to day stresses that affect us each moment of our lives. 

2- Physical- This kind of stress can be anything from falling on the ground to sitting for hours and hours each day. 

3- Chemical- Chemical stress is caused by the amount of chemicals and man made substances that surround us at all times. Cleaners, cosmetics, round-up and pesticides, things that aren't natural to our body are all around us.

Our goal is to get your body to the point that it can handle the stresses that will always be there, the ones that you can't get rid of but are negatively affecting your health and causing symptoms. We talk about stress adaptability... the ability for your body to handle stress of any kind and healing as fast as it is breaking down. This excerpt is from an article that...

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STRESS and Inflammation!

STRESS! We all deal with it constantly! Physical, Mental/Emotional, and Chemical stresses bombard us daily but, until now, it has not been clear exactly how stress influences disease and health. 

In this excerpt taken from an article on Sciencedaily.com we learn about a study done just to show us the effects of chronic stress on the body.  "A research team led by Carnegie Mellon University's Sheldon Cohen has found that chronic psychological stress is associated with the body losing its ability to regulate the inflammatory response. Published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the research shows for the first time that the effects of psychological stress on the body's ability to regulate inflammation can promote the development and progression of disease.

"Inflammation is partly regulated by the hormone cortisol and when cortisol is not allowed to serve this function, inflammation can get out of control," said Cohen, the Robert E. Doherty Professor of...

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Top 3 foods to avoid to help your thyroid and adrenals

We hear over and over that the foods we eat can either be the slowest form of poison or the best form of medicine, right? So, clearly some foods are better than others and some affect organs and glands worse than others. Today we are going to talk about foods to avoid to help your thyroid and adrenal glands!

The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped organ located in the base of your neck. It releases hormones that control metabolism (the way your body uses energy). The thyroid's hormones regulate vital body functions, including:

  • Breathing
  • Heart rate
  • Central and peripheral nervous systems
  • Body weight
  • Muscle strength
  • Menstrual cycles›
  • Body temperature
  • Cholesterol levels
  • and more!

The other gland we are talking about today is your adrenal gland. Here's a quick rundown on adrenals:

  • Adrenal glands are small, triangular-shaped glands located on top of both kidneys.

  • Adrenal glands produce hormones that help regulate your metabolism, immune system, blood pressure, response to...

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Rhea's NEXT LEVEL Experience

Uncategorized May 03, 2018

Meet our awesome SUPERHUMAN friend Rhea! She has been through a lot of different health challenges and the thing that keeps her going through it all is her nervous system adjustments. 

Check out her video to hear more about what she has experienced here at NEXT LEVEL!

It's patients like Rhea who are willing to share their story that show us all, we are in this together. We all have different challenges, by working on your nervous system, or MASTER CONTROL SYSTEM, we can find ways to help you through the ups and downs life throws your way!

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Welcome to NEXT LEVEL Health Center....we've been waiting for you.


Our Mission is to TEACH, LEAD, and INSPIRE individuals and families, just like yours, by taking them through a step by step lifestyle transformation process unlocking your superhuman potential so that you can fulfill your divine purpose.

We do this by:

1. Thorough Examination. Dr. Justin will do an initial assessment to locate the exact source and cause of your problem.

2. Treatment Plan. Next, Dr. Justin will give you an honest, straight-forward, no-pressure treatment plan designed to get you feeling better as quickly as possible and to ultimately help you get your life back.

3. Long-Term Strategies. Dr. Justin will provide you with long term strategies that will allow you to keep on top of your health and allow you to remain pain free and fully function. With tools like NEXT LEVEL Academy, he will guide you step by step along the way.

We are excited that you have landed on our blog! Keep checking  back for more information on how we can help you transform your HEALTH and...

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