Meet the Doctor


Dr. Justin T. Hammon is a lifestyle wellness expert, chiropractor, and acupuncture specialist. He specializes in the function of the human nervous system and disorders caused by subluxations of the spine, with an emphasis in functional nutrition and exercise.

Dr. Justin and his wife, Rebecca (RN) have 7 children and have created together what we know as The N.E.X.T. Level Lifestyle.

Dr. Justin’s Story…


If you are anything like me, you went to go see your chiropractor only when it hurt so bad you needed to get your neck and back “cracked”. I get it. It worked! It was amazing! There was no question in my mind chiropractic could help with my neck and back pain but little did I know it was going to save my marriage, my daughter’s life and turn my world upside down….

I threw a right jab then a left hook followed by a right uppercut. Suddenly I was viciously awoken by my beautiful 9 month pregnant wife. She was shaking and pale. I leaned over to talk to her and the bed was wet. I asked her are you ok? She replied, “I think my water broke” I jumped out of bed in a panic and confused. I started opening drawers throwing things in a bag as we ran out the door heading to the hospital. Soon after arrival to the hospital the doctor came in and said “we are going to get this baby out today before 1pm so we are going to put you on Pitocin to make this go faster.

(Let me back track for a minute here. My wife and I decided a long time ago that we wanted to have a natural birth with no drugs or surgery.)

My wife being a registered nurse told the doctor “I am not going on Pitocin.. I want to do this natural without drugs.” The doctor tried again to convince her to get on Pitocin but again we refused. He left the room quickly and clearly upset mumbling some words under his breath. Not even 5 minutes later the nurse came in with a bag that looks like fluid. My wife asked her what is that? She replied it is Pitocin the doctor wanted me to get you started on it! My wife said, I just told the doctor I am not taking Pitocin. She replied saying it is the doctor’s orders. Again we had to refuse it. Now we are getting a little mad and upset the doctors and nurses are not listening to our wishes. A little while later the doctor came back in the room pulled up a chair and said this “I really need to get this baby out by 1pm, I have things I need to do at 1pm so I need you to get on Pitocin so I can be gone by 1pm.” My wife said I am doing this natural. I am not going on Pitocin so stop asking me! The doctor left very angry and frustrated…Rebecca gradually progressed and was ready to push by 12:30 or so without drugs.



  • 12 years experience practicing Brain-based Chiropractic in Idaho Falls, ID
  • Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis,Missouri
  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology from Logan College in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Pediatric and Maternity Certification from Logan College of Chiropractic (Webster Certified)
  • Board Certified Physical Therapist
  • Board Certified Acupuncturist


  • Brain Based Chiropractic
  • Nervous System Balance
  • Chinese Acupuncture
  • Pediatric Chiropractic
  • Pregnancy (Pre & Postpartum)
  • Seasonal Nutrition
  • Lifestyle Wellness Coaching
  • Functional Exercise
  • Functional Blood Work

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