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Our Mission: 

...is to TEACH * LEAD * INSPIRE 

Our Philosophy

NEXT LEVEL Process....

First Visit 

It will all start by a consult either in the office or over zoom. During this consult, we will discuss your health in detail and what you would like it to be. 

Second, If it is the right fit for both of us, we move onto our unique neurological exam which will include: Motion X-rays, Acugraph, Functional Brain -Body Assessment, Chinese Medicine evaluation, Organ Reflex tests, and zone diagnosis.

Third, you will then have the opportunity to have your first nervous system adjustment. 

**Since everyone responds differently to care.. we will recommend you start with what we call our 3 visit shift to make sure we can help you!



3 Visit Shift (visit 2-4)

Visit 1, It will all start by having you fill out what we call our NEXT LEVEL Blueprint at home. This blueprint will dive deep into what is going on, what you have tried, and what results you are truly seeking. We will get clear on YOUR goals not mine and separate them into 4 levels (hence the name NEXT LEVEL). When we are done we will have a working blueprint of what YOU want out of YOUR care, what your next step are to move you to the next level. This will then be followed up with an adjustment and a therapy (Brain integration).  

Visit 2, we will begin this appointment by doing our "nutrition and "exercise assessment". This will then be followed up with an adjustment and acupuncture)

* once these two visits have been performed, the doctor will have a better understanding of how to best help you. He will then record and sending you a personalized video of what was found during your visits here (initial exam, visit 1, visit 2), how you responded to care (health of nervous system), and finally give you recommendations based off of your goals from the blueprint. 

Visit 3, You will sit down with the doctor who will answer any and all questions from your personalized video and recommendations. If you choose to continue working with NEXT LEVEL, you will begin your program to not only give you relief but to correct to issue for good!

Our Story